Martino’s Chicago Style Hot Dogs - Southside (more photos)

If your on the southside and hungry for a Chicago style hot dog or Italian beef sandwich, this is the place to go. They have a good number of choices of toppings, and friendly staff. There are outdoor seating options in the front, as well as in back of the building.  Martino’s Chicago Style Hot Dogs is a nice choice for lunch or dinner. 

This is an interesting project that helps bring urban revitalization through art. I love the vision of this project so much and can’t wait to see the fruits of it in action around the city.


Official Grand Opening -  Anodyne Coffee in the 5th-Ward (Walker’s Point) 

More Photos and Videos

Here are a few pics and vids of the grand opening of Anodyne Coffee in the 5th-Ward. Good turnout, great music, and tasty food.

Gallery Night 2013 - MKE (more photos)

Here are some photos from the Gallery Night 2013 in Milwaukee’s 3rd-Ward and 5th Ward (Walker’s Point). Sadly, we didn’t get to as many places as we would have liked to as we were driving in from a long day in Chicago.